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Supply and Installation of Insulation Batts

Luna and Valk offer a professional supply and installation service for a wide range of Australian trusted and leading insulation products. Our experienced team are fast, efficient and reliable, and have a wealth of knowledge with over 50 years in the business. Serving both volume builders and residential clients, we purchase high volumes of insulation, so you’ll find our prices and service amongst the best in Adelaide.

Insulation for energy efficiency

All new homes and extensions built in South Australia must meet a minimum energy efficiency standard as prescribed in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). The minimum energy efficiency rating for a home is determined by the climate zone in which the home is located. With three different climate zones in South Australia, an energy efficiency assessment must be undertaken to determine a building’s compliance with the BCA requirements.

Energy efficiency reports are submitted at the building approval stage and they detail the minimum ‘R’ values for the insulation in the home to meet requirements. An ‘R’ value refers to ‘resistance to heat flow’ and the higher the ‘R’ value of the insulation the better the thermal insulation it provides.

Whilst energy efficiencies in a home can be gained in a number of ways, the use of insulation batts is a cost-effective and easy way to increase the thermal efficiency of a home. And, with electricity prices in South Australia being the highest in the world, building a thermally efficient home makes great economic sense.

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Helping homeowners reduce their power bills

Insulation batts are designed to reduce the transfer of heat, so they help to keep the heat inside the home in the winter months and they help keep the home cool and comfortable during the summer months. Investing in really good insulation products at the building stage can pay dividends and save you thousands of dollars in heating and cooling expenses.

Insulation batts are often used in three areas of the home


The ceilings and attic/loft space

The ceilings/attic can be responsible for between 25-35%, of a heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer, so insulating this area can dramatically increase the thermal efficiency of a home.


External walls

External walls can be responsible between 15-25% of heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer so insulating these areas during the construction process is a cost-effective way of increasing a home’s thermal efficiency rating.


Interior walls

Whilst not all interior walls need insulating it is often a good idea to insulate to reduce the transmission of noise.

Even though your new home will meet the minimum energy efficiency rating, it does not guarantee that it will always be warm and cosy in winter or cool and comfortable in summer. However, the higher the ‘R’ rating of the insulation the better the thermal performance of the home. Our expert estimators can help advise you on a range of different options to upgrade your insulation to maximise the thermal efficiency of your home and minimise your heating and cooling bills.

Acoustic insulation for noise reduction

If you are building your home on a boundary wall, near an airport, school or busy road you may want to consider using insulation that has been especially developed to provide both sound reduction (acoustic insulation) and thermal insulation properties.

Acoustic insulation not only provides a reduction in the noise entering the building from the outside to help create a peaceful environment, but it is perfect for internal walls too. Many clients often use acoustic insulation batts in bedrooms to help create a quiet and comfortable environment, whilst in a home theatre, acoustic insulation can be used to enhance the cinematic experience whilst helping to soundproof the room.

Whether its thermal efficiency or sound reduction, the best insulation products, advice and prices are just a phone call away.

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